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moe culture festival (june 2012)

Hey everyone long time no see! I just got contacted today by an event organzier in japan and the gentlemen is looking for foreign cosplayers to take part in an internatnal moe cultural festival upcoming in june. He asked me to spread to word and see if anyone else is interested so here is the website. Any cosplay is welcome, props are okay as long as they are not sharp or too big. The foreign cordinator is named Xavier or Xaky here on coscom so keep a watch out for him, maybe contact him and ask him for further details if you need, i am still getting them little by little as we speak but there is conveniently and english part of the website that has some good FAQ. Myself and my husband will be participating, i will be cosplaying and my husband is volunteering at the event. Hope to see you there!

The site is
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