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Originally Posted by Scorpion89 View Post
Hey Blitz fox will you have enough time between the Res Evil shoot which will be over by 6PM and make the Star Wars shoot.
Gah, good question. I plan to film both sessions of awesome... Last year the SW shoot was on Saturday, wasn't it? I know the big RE shoot is always on Friday night.

Originally Posted by PineappleSockss View Post
I will be going as a smuggler! Got the guns and everything down And my bro will be going as a Jedi Guardian-- making the armor as I'm typing haha. Can't wait! Will be our first SW photo shoot!---
edit: also my cousin will be going as a Jedi as well, haha! Jedi everywheereeez

*Smuggler bro-fist* Aw yeah! For the Republic and the credits!

And in my totally unbiased opinion, I think Smugglers and Jedi make the best partners.... ;D

Can't wait to see you guys there! (And the galaxy can never have enough Jedi!)

Originally Posted by sazumebachi View Post
I'm not going to be doing star wars saturday >< i got that day reserved for bleach cosplay i'll be wearing two forms of kuchiki rukia,i made the shoot friday becuase there's two people who are only wearing star wars that day. Hope that clears everything up
Originally Posted by KamiKazeKage View Post
Set up 2 shoots then Rach. I wont be there for the Friday one.
Originally Posted by sazumebachi View Post
O.O crap.. ok.. i cant do it saturday i can do sunday ><
Yikes. Glad we're figuring all this out now! ^_^;

Oath and I can't do Star Wars (or any cosplay) on Sunday because we'll be checking out of the hotel and heading back.

Also, I know there are at least two people (maybe more?) who are going to cosplay Resident Evil on Friday, and as such wouldn't be able to make the Friday Star Wars Shoot.

I'm not on FB, but could we run a quick poll (here and on FB, where the event is posted) of who can make what days for SW cosplay, and then go with a majority rule/set up shoots accordingly? What do you guys think?

+ Oath and I can cosplay Star Wars on Friday or Saturday.

The sooner we nail this down the better.
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