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Has anyone here used before? If so, how was your experience?

I've only ordered once- I ordered some Ben Nye cake makeup and a silver lipstick.
First of all, despite the order being placed weeks early, the stuff didn't arrive in time to take on my trip to NYC. I only got a shipping notice a few days before I left town, and the stuff didn't show up. I was left in NYC scrambling to find replacement makeup, thank the Gods for Ricky's of NYC, one of the wildest drugstores in existence.
While I was away, the stuff arrived, but only part of it. The lipstick was out of stock, and I had an email saying that they would ship it when it came in. So I didn't even have complete makeup for the convention, almost two weeks after my return from NYC. In fact, I've never gotten my lipstick at all!

Was my bad experience a fluke, an order that just got lost in the shuffle? Should I give them another chance, as they have some other things I could use for an upcoming project?
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