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I've always had great experiences with .

What I like best about them is they are very helpful in finding you an alternative if something is out of stock with their suppliers.

Since many of the American companies they deal with drop ship, I'm guessing that Ben Nye notified cosplay supplies that the item was in stock and ready to go but then delayed shipping at their end.

When I worked a similar business this transpired from time to time and it was completely out of our control.

They are also completely transparent and try to flag all items that their suppliers are out of as to not make their shoppers wait. I know however from experience that sometimes the industry suppliers are not forthcoming about their stock levels. This is problematic for everyone. *Sigh*

I recommend cosplaysupplies frequently because of the good experience I've had with them over the years. They are friendly and are willing to communicate in regards to any questions or needs you might have in relation to their product.

I always try to contact them for an estimated shipping delivery date before I order. I do this with all my online shopping. They are very forthcoming with honest, helpful answers.

I'm sorry to hear you had an unfortunate experience. Best wishes for future good experiences.

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