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Originally Posted by Resident-chick View Post
The only thing IM worried about is the safety of the AX attendes.If you've noticed,the WH entrance is right next to LA LIVE,meaning people will be sitting there drinking and acting like idiots,and I just dont want something bad or dangerous happening to
anyone in general.Another thing is;why did X-games even MOVE there date?Isnt it always alittle after AX?We've never had problems with the LACC date,why now?So why move it THE SAME WEEKEND as AX when they could have done the X-games farther into summer?
The reason behind the X Games moving their dates is likely due in large part to the summer olympics and apparently some of the athletes compete in that as well. I'm sure that both sides have plans for beefed up security presence...they'll need it with so many people around
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