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Originally Posted by Julesie View Post
Thank you. I'm very tempted to buy that one then.

When you say it'll take more work though, how much do you mean?
Basically, you would zoom all the way out, position your subject as far away from the background as possible, get as close to your subject as you can and take the shot.

It is a whole lot easier with the 50 mm f1.8 though. This would also give you a feel of the 50 mm f1.8 to see how far back you would need to be for a head, half body or full body shot. The beauty of digital is that you can practice with hundreds of tests shots and get instant feedback on a shot. You can make a slight adjustment, take the shot again and see how that looks. So once you go to a con, you are comfortable using the camera and make it easier to get the shot you want.

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