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Tips on getting in shape for next month's con?

Phoenix Comicon is in a little over a month and I recently realized that a) my costume no longer fits me, and b) there is no excuse to be at the size I am at right now.
I've decided I'm determined to get in shape, and also fit into my costume before the con. But I need some tips. A little help?
Also, some things that would be good to know:
I'm around 5'3" to 5'5" (haven't measured myself in a while), and I weigh over 200 pounds. I take medication for depression that makes me very hungry (that's the main reason I got this heavy). I also have asthma, so I have to be careful when I exercise (running makes it really bad, but speed-walking is okay). Plus (partly due to depression) I tend to eat a lot when I'm not hungry, and I tend to take large portion sizes.
Since yesterday (when I decided I was determined to get in shape), I've cut WAY down on portion sizes, eaten several SMALL meals a day, and cut WAY down on sugar (I have a bit of a sweet tooth...). I've been drinking far more water (something I've always needed to work on.) I started going on walks with my dad, and I'm going to be going to the gym regularly. I also would like to go swimming this week.
What other things can I do? I'd really like to lose at least 10 pounds or so before the con, and lose about 90 pounds total.
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