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Okay so this post talks a bit about the update and stuff ahh. I guess??

I'm going to cosplay Tavrissprite, I'm looking at the stuff I would need to make the cosplay.
I plan on wearing white jeans or blue jeans for them, and I think I'm going to make white horns with a bit of blue touches on them?
I'm not sure, this is going to be my first sprite cosplay!
I'm thinking to use white face paint and just use a bit of blue? Not to mix the two, more like to just add blue parts to the white, like my cheeks and stuff??

For the wig I'm going to try and get a really long blue curly/wavy wig for them! But if I don't get a blue wig, would it be okay to get a long curly white wig and make blue parts on it to make it look nice?

For the shirt and Jacket I'm going to make them white and stuff and kasdaskld
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