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ayaasan: I was looking for one, but I hadn't found one yet, so thanks for the link Yeah, that would work too, there's a thrift store near my house so I'll have to give that one a try haha ^^

Hmm, no, I haven't!

Oh woah, that looks pretty cool. The only problem is that it's $30 and I don't have $30...I'll have to ask my parents for ten dollars haha. Oh well. I like how at the bottom of the page they have an example of someone wearing it and it's Karkat and John, hahaha

Karentheknight: I think white jeans would work, maybe with blue touches too, for Tavrisprite. Also yeah, white face paint is the way to go. All the sprite cosplays I've seen are either without face paint or with white face paint, like this one. And yeah, I think that some blue blush-stuff would be good if you want, and blue eyeliner and lipstick too.

I think that if all else fails with finding a blue wig, then a white wig with blue highlights (lowlights?) would work.

And maybe you could make the jacket blue and the shirt white or vice versa?
I dunno, I'm just spurting out random useless advice over here
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