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The pricey food I can definitely agree with at the Hyatt. It made me glad I brought my own. (Though what I did eat there was delicious... would have been perfect if someone else paid XD)

I was talking to some friends that had attended AFest before me, but after I made this thread. Apparently it was REALLY crowded two or three years ago. I didn't think it was crowded at all in 2011 -- except for certain times/days in the dealer's room.

Originally Posted by Celyddon View Post
Another difference is that the Hyatt is near a large park area--fantastic for photoshoots, plus a lot of neat architecture is within walking distance. The Sheraton, not so much--the Arts District isn't a good walking distance if you're a cosplayer, and there isn't much in the way of green/natural places to shoot (even the Cancer Plaza isn't exactly natural). Granted, the Sheraton is MUCH more capable of handling large crowds and such, but....grrr.
For A-Kon, my hotel (the second over-flow) is the half way mark between the Sheraton and the Hyatt. It'll still be a decent walk, but it seems like I'll probably have to get the pictures taken I would normally want at AFest due to the close(ish) proximity over the weekend when I'm attending A-Kon. ...then while attending AFest I might as well stay in the area and do local stuff near the Sheraton. It just seems so.... bleh
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