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Originally Posted by Hakaider View Post
Well, one idea is to perhaps have the cosplay gatherings all move inside into the confines of the LACC. It's obvious that the entire West Hall entrance area won't be available for cosplay gatherings, because the X-Games will most likely take over & use that entire area.

I really wouldn't recommend having any cosplay gatherings be held in an open area, where a X-Games sports event is going on at the same time. (That is just simply asking for a fight to happen.)

Another safety idea is for the cosplayers to bring a whistle with a lanyard with them for protection. If they ever get into trouble, or are surrounded by drunken & hostile X-Games people, they can blow the whistle as loud as they can, and it will get the attention of everyone around them. (Whistles are also very cheap to purchase.)

In terms of safety, I really hope that the SPJA has got this worked out.

Well, if that worst case scenario happens, where a young fan does get seriously beaten up in front of the convention center, you may just get to see a major lawsuit or several lawsuits filed by the young fan's parents against all the SPJA members, if they don't take the necessary precautions to protect their attendees. (But hopefully, this worst case scenario will never, ever happen, and all the necessary precautions are being taken by the SPJA to protect the attendees.)

AX is already in serious debt to IDG World Expo. A major lawsuit would mean the end of AX. (This is something that the fans don't want to see happen.)

For those who haven't seen the article by Anime News Network, AX lost $1.2 million in 2010, and is currently in serious debt to IDG World Expo.

Here's the article:$1.2-million-idg-to-boost-involvement-in-2012
I think it's really sad that AX fans are having to bring whistle and the like just for a con.We got lucky last year since Ax10 was a floop.What brought us in may have just been Miku at LA live,but now with X-games there,it's really staring to seem like were having a huge problem underway;riots or fights.
I would REALLY hate it to see similar situations to the ones mention,and with the website down,we won't know anything until it opens up.Worst case scenario,one of us will be the bigger one and move for the safety of others,or we claude and see what happens
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