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Worst case scenario,one of us will be the bigger one and move for the safety of others,or we claude and see what happens

I think it would solve 100% of the potential problems with the X-Games, if AX would just move the date, and the SPJA would take a really long hard look to see if it is really worth it in working out all the headaches in sharing the same area with the X-Games.

I have to wonder also, if there is a clause in AX's contracts with the LA Convention Center that would enable them to be able to change the dates. (Probably not.)

The X-Games has already taken the Nokia Theatre, Staples Center, the area surrounding the Staples Center, the entire LA Live Area, the streets around the convention center, the front entrances to the West Hall, the West Hall hotel shuttle drop off/pick up point, (And possibly blocking access to the major South Hall entrance as well) and most of the parking spots of the convention center will be taken by the X-Games people. In short, the X-Games have taken over the entire area, and the AX has been pushed aside into a small corner.

There's also the potential safety issues, and the difficulty of access to the convention center. Plus there are going to be various ongoing open air LOUD concerts that the X-Games will be having. (It will be LOUD enough that the AX attendee will clearly hear it inside the convention center.)

With that kind of odds, and potential lawsuits if something really bad were to happen to the AX attendees, if I was a SPJA Board member, I would just recommend pulling out, and have AX held at a different date. I'm sure the AX attendees would understand & be greatly relieved if the date was changed, and I think even ESPN would be relieved. (On second thought, ESPN wouldn't care one way or another. Their main concern is to make a profit with over 141,000 people, and it's not likely that that they are going to see it as their responsibility to protect the AX attendees. And if they do get sued in some way, that's still pocket change to them.)

The fact is that AX is broke, and they can't afford anymore costly mistakes. When you lost $1.2 million in 2010, it's not going to be easy to pay off that debt.

Unfortunately, at this late point in the game, it's highly doubtful that AX will be able to move the dates.

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