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Well, there's no one saying that ESPN wouldn't share liability, but we're not speaking as X-Games attendees. We paid to go to AX. Unfortunately for the SPJA, there's evidence that they've known about the conflict for months, and since then, it's been pretty clear that we have safety concerns from the conflict.

As the smaller event, AX is the more mobile one. And since the X-Games announced their dates in September, there was ample opportunity to either change dates or negotiate some kind of walkway for us to utilize.

And, with the discussions here about different parties worried, and with AX not providing an alternative forum while theirs is down for non-cosplayers to disseminate information, it could be argued that the SPJA was knowingly making it yarder to voice our safety concerns, thereby, theoretically, opening themselves up to lawsuits if anyone is injured. Thereafter, it could spin into a class action suit against the AX, IDG, and the SPJA on the basis that they did not properly secure the convention for its attendees.

Again, this is all theoretical, but ESPN may not have a lot of liability since they didn't invite us to take part in their show and we didn't pay to view the X-Games. They would have minor liability for serving drinks, assum ing that occurs this year, but, more likely, the liability would be shifted to the XGame watcher who fought, assuming they are the instigator.

Then, ESPN is a thriving corporation with an armada of active lawyers. The SPJA is in financial trouble and couldn't afford the same quality of defense unless IDG steps in. The SPJA would be the easier target for an AX attendee with a shark lawyer.

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