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Originally Posted by Hakaider View Post

The X-Games has already taken the Nokia Theatre, Staples Center, the area surrounding the Staples Center, the entire LA Live Area, the streets around the convention center, the front entrances to the West Hall, the West Hall hotel shuttle drop off/pick up point, (And possibly blocking access to the major South Hall entrance as well) and most of the parking spots of the convention center will be taken by the X-Games people. In short, the X-Games have taken over the entire area, and the AX has been pushed aside into a small corner.
Yes,your right.One of us,again,will need to either back down and change the date,or have a meeting between ESPN and SPJA to cooperate about the situation and how to prevent arguments or incidents.Its like a sibling rivalry,Older stronger meaner brother gives younger nicer weaker sister a corner to play in.AX can't afford another screw-up since AX10 profit loss case.If someone gets hurt,it's like dropping glass.You try hiding it and it fails,you try picking it up you fail and you always get cut;We get sued for money,then get sued for injures,we close and no more AX.
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