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Just a question, but why is it that everyone is assuming that if a fight breaks out or something else, it'll be SPJA on the hook rather than ESPN or both?
As Freight has said, noone is saying here, that ESPN won't be off the hook.

The big difference here though, is that if ESPN gets sued, it's pocket change for them. They have an army of lawyers who can settle the matter with no problem. (Remember, they can easily afford it, if one of the athletes gets hurt during their show. And some of their athletes DO get hurt during the show.)

Also remember, that if ESPN really wanted to, they can get Brad Pitt and Angelina Jollie at a moment's notice. Money is no object for them.

If the SPJA gets sued, it's pretty much over for AX. (Especially with the loss of $1.2 million in 2010.)

As I have said before in the other thread, here's the difference financially between the two organizations:

AX: "How much would it cost to rent/negotiate the LA Convention Center?"

ESPN: "When & how fast do you want us to write the check? Wait..Did you say $5 million to bring in the trained live elephants overnight from Africa & India, and live dancers from Brazil for the street parade? That's all? Do you want us to bring "Shamu", the killer whale in, as well?"

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