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Originally Posted by littlelolita View Post
hey I found this while looking for a few tip myself. I went with pam's lekku which someone has already linked up here. but since we're on the subject, the wrapping that goes around the lekku does anyone here know how th make that? I'm still kinda new to making my own costume pieces
You can go with very thin leather strapping that you can get at Tandy's Leather Factory, or Joanns has faux leather in a couple of colors you could cut up into strips. That's what my girlfriend used for Aayla Secura and she's really happy with the results:

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Wow, I'm so happy I found this! One thought of mine (and full support of my boyfriend) was to be Darth Talon. I'm happy I came upon this thread.

Lol, already having nightmares about that. It took two hours to paint my girl blue for the day and 2 1/2 to get it off. Can't imagine doing that in red with more body exposure, and all those tatooooos. But Darth Talon's such a beast. Whoever doesn't believe cosplay = pain never cosplayed a Twi'lek!!
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