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Name of Product: Jett in light blue
Where Purchased: the website
Product Description: short spiky wig (no pictures yet, I'm still working on it)

Sooooo...being as all the other wigs I wanted to use as a base for Roronoa Zoro were either discontinued or just plain not right (too thin, etc), I finally got my first Arda wig. I spent a lot of time researching on both their own site info as well as their forums to confirm that their heat-resistant wigs could still be dyed, as I need to tint this wig a slight shade of minty green to get it the perfect shade of seafoam-green that Zoro's hair really is, in the anime anyway.

Weeeeell...should have dug deeper on the wig forums here instead. The dye is NOT taking, even after repeated rinsings my fingers are still coming out green whenever I attempt to work with the wig. I had to hand-color the entire thing in the end, because ink-dyeing just didn't take at all, but it doesn't seem like anything besides possibly RIT will actually dye these wigs. I was unable to finish the wig in time to debut, so I've put it on the shelf for now and will come back to it eventually, mostly hoping that I don't have to strip off all the ink and try RIT instead.

Pros: right base style for what I needed, fast shipping
Cons: not as dyeable as rumors would let on. Also, I really am not a fan of the heat-resistant fiber. It was not soft like I'm used to, it was very coarse (not counting the frizzed under layer for spiking, I mean the actual straight fiber) and unpleasant to touch. It seems to happily restyle itself just by moving it with my fingers, which is not something I want in a finished Zoro wig. Finally, the wig cap was HUGE. I had to actually sew the elastic along the under-ear edge on both sides in order to shorten it so that it would stay on my head - and I have an above-average head! I had to move one of the wefts in order to take in the excess elastic, something I was not expecting to do.
Overall Rating: 0-10 (0 is poor, 10 is excellent) 5. Honestly, I was willing to give heat-resistant wigs a shot, but this just isn't living up to the hype. It's very average.
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