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FUN STORY TIME ABOUT MEDICINE. Now I know that I have your attention..let us begin.

When my mother and I lived in Shreveport she ended up stubbing her toe against the bottom of the door. Hard. She was limping and in pain for two weeks before going into the doctor and finding out she sprained her toe, but by then it was already healing. The doctor gave her a prescription for vicodin, she got it filled and left it in the bag. She flat out refused to take it and ended up getting it solely for if someone at home got in an accident and needed pain relief immediately, such as if she somehow stubbed her toe again so hard it sprained.

My mother has an unopened bag of vicodin laying around her house. Just for an emergency.

Welcome to the family Emmers.

As for myself about the only thing I would take regularly are for my allergies, they become so bad it's debilitating. I've had weeks on end where my ears are so congested I am getting vertigo and everything is all echo-y. I have begun taking a vitamin supplement because i have bad ankles :/
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