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Originally Posted by brucer007 View Post
Indeed, the term "Dutch Tilt" is an official name I learned in film school. It was commonly used on the tv show BATMAN with Adam West, to create a feeling of disruption or evil.

I agree with your feedback Convoke. I did also feel, at the time of editing this photo that I wish the swords was better place inside the frame. Actually the fingers were cropped out, but I chose to retouch them to make them complete, within the frame. My tilt was indeed very intentional and considered to create a more dynamic effect. I think it makes her balance on one foot look even more challenging and impressive.

I am still hoping for others to contribute their Dutch Tilted photos to this forum, but for now, here is another of mine. Feel free to comment:

It might just be me, but the tilt in this picture gives makes me confuse. I could not tell if they were lying on the floor or up against the wall. I still have the illusion after I looked at the background. It might be the distance between your models, too. To be honest, I used tilt once and was criticized for that :P but I think you mostly would want to use a tilt if the subject isn't perpendicular to the ground, otherwise it may make people who look at your pictures confused and uncomfortable. It's just my opinion :P
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