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i suggest try to hide some manly features in your body, i had this same problem and I'm pretty sure other crossplayers who are guys get this same problem. but don't worry, i bought a maid outfit and i tried to hide some features such as muscle, i made hand made sleeves and pretty much so i used a cutted sleeve and i wore it underneath my dress to hide my muscle features, i looked like a ninja maid that time, i also hide some structure from my face so i used a white mask, also make up is important too, some mascarar can help too with your eye lashes, with legs, I suggest pantyhose stockings, they are quite comfy but must be gently put on, but once you put them on they are incredibly smooth and they look like girly legs! haha, if your tall buy tall pantyhoses but if you want fashionable ones get the thick fashionable tall pantyhoses. they don't seem smooth as the black pantyhoses but they will make your legs just like the girls. I hope this information helps you ^_^
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