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I like the tilt that sonikku10 posted, because it does bring in more of the jagged cape that would have otherwise been cropped out. It also gave the trees some diagonal lines, which I find adds to the action. A wider leg stance might have been an interesting pose to counter the tilt with firm footing, or a more pronounced arch of the back...Just a thought. There is a blue material hanging down that I wish was also moving.

@ errido I don't mind a tilt to create a feeling of discomfort or disorientation. There are visual clues to tell the viewer that they are mostly upright, since the long hair is not dipping down towards the shorter haired woman. Also, the braids on the girl on the left hand down towards the true ground.

I encourage you not to give up on tilted compositions, just from getting negative criticism. It might have been good, or a miss. Either way, you might use it in a manner that is appreciated too.
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