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Originally Posted by Freight View Post
So, there's two large companies to go after, but I bet IDG/SPJA would be a more appealing target than going after Disney's attorneys.
It's not one companies' attorneys or another, most of the time there is some kind of liability or indemnification policy in place so the insurance company is going to either settle outright, or provide (most likely hire out) attorneys who attempt to negotiate a settlement (very few cases actually go to court) and any settlement payments are going to be made by that policy.

You can find the line-item for insurance on the numerous form 990's, for instance:
page 10, line item 23, $8981.

On the 2010 form (from guidestar)
page 10, line item 23, $23,830.

In general, liability insurance in almost a given in today's world, lawsuits may be rare but few foundations are willing to risk not having liability insurance when the costs of litigation can be in the hundreds of thousands.

As an example see page 8, section B of the same 2010 form 990
"OLIVER & SABEC ... / LEGAL SERVICES / $391,158."
and page 10, line item 24c
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