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Nemuren you are not the only one, people in my group (the one I normally go to cons with) and others I know of are making similar plans. Forgoing less mobile cosplays, not cosplaying at all, cutting back on the number of days, planned to attend, etc.

Unfortunately there just isn't a lot of certainty out there and some of the more complicated cosplays can take months of preparation. Also a lot of the larger gatherings are trying to figure out a usable location but there isn't much clarity on this topic either.

Personally I just have a lot of general concern for instance if both the main entrances to the convention center (the numerous doors in front of south hall, the doors in front of west hall) are blocked or rendered inaccessible by the large outdoor event, what then happens if the building has to be evacuated (like the bomb scare last year) or there is a fire?

Honestly I'm not sure if we will go as a group this year; even if we gain sufficient clarity before the convention, it may be too late as people will have made other plans or already made up their mind.

As things stand we are going to have twice the people going to Fanime as compared to AX; it might seem kinda odd for a local group (AX is a two hour drive, Fanime is a six to eight hour drive or a one hour plane ride) so honestly I might be going around AX this year with a different group than the usual one.

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