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I believe AX has the ability to change dates under extreme circumstances (and the x games is extreme in more than one way) but would have to be done about 6 months in advance but I guess they figured they would still be able to do what they had planned, so with 2 months left they can't due to all the worldwide attendance, contracts with announced guests and everything, so at this point if they moved it even to the weekend after all hell would break loose.

X games ppl will roughly be everywhere especially at the new hooters across the street from the Convention Center, parking prices around the CC will be going up tremendously and people will get rowdy by late afternoon/evening so be prepared and be safe people.

SPJA will have just as much liability as ESPN will but there should be a good amount of police around to protect and serve.

As for Exhibitors there should be atleast one path they can use because it's important and would create more havoc
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