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Name of Commissioner : Arda Wigs
Product: Exchange a Magnum Long wig (Platinum Blonde) for a Ferrari wig in Maroon
Purchased at:
Timeline: One week for the Magnum wig to arrive because of the sale. 5 days for the ferrari to come to the mail after I send the Magnum wig back to Arda.
Pictures: None at the moment.
Character commissioned and series/video game (please include if this was the entire costume, just a jacket, prop, accessory, wig, etc.) : I originally bought the Magnum Long wig for Emil (Tales of Symphonia 2). Then Exchange it for Ferrari wig for Richter (Tales of Symphonia 2)
Describe your Experience Pros, Cons, Comments: I first bought the wig around the sale of March and while I heard many good reviews about the store, I was nervous buying my first arda wig. I couldn't pass a good sale like this, so I went forward and bought a wig. It took a while for my order to process because of the sale, but I was happy and waited for the wig. It took a week or so, and finally my wig arrived. The wig itself was beautiful with the right size and all, but the color wasn't as what I though it be. In the monitor it look more natural blonde but looking it in person it was still too yellow for my taste. I heard that Arda has an exchange wig policy as long as I didn't wear it and it comes with the conditions as it arrived through the mail.
I contacted an Arda representative and they responded really fast as well as made a note that I would be sending the wig at their location. Once they received the wig (took 3 days), they later send my Ferrari Wig to my apartment in 2 days. I was happy with this wig, because it was the right shade of red I was looking for and it was very soft. I adjusted the wig which fit perfectly on my head.

- Is the right shade of red I needed. Its neither too dark nor light.
-Wig has enough volume to make nice full bangs and it looks realistic.
-Shipping was fast
-None so far

Grade: 10/10
I was more impress with the wig exchange policy since most places I go to, won't do that. Plus because of the sale, I expected some late delay but overall it wasn't too bad. The communication between me and Arda was excellent, that they were kind enough to not charge me the difference price of Magnum and Ferrari. I just needed to pay for 5$ for shipping.
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