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Originally Posted by merumerumeru View Post
I'm planning on cosplaying for the first time sometime in the future but I have absolutely no idea who I should be

I'm 5'4-5'5 ish
any suggestions would be really great thank you u__u
you would make a cute Hiccup from How to Train your Dragon... or maybe Canada from Axis Powers Hetalia!

Originally Posted by Ataris View Post
Hey folks, heading to CONvergence in about tow months here and looking for something I could put together before then.


Prefer no wigs, but open to it.

  • First is just me fairly current.
  • Second is a shot from my Organization XIII cosplay a couple years back
  • Third is my Guy Gardner from last year (ignore the undershirt on that one - had some of the stuff getting cleaned the day I took this and needed a stand-in undershirt for the jacket)
Father Anderson from Hellsing... His costume isn't so bad...

(Full body)
What do you think I should do for cosplay?
I'm 5'4"
My weight is going down...
I can't really crossplay (due to chest.... I'm not good at wrapping it)
but I am willing to wear a wig.
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