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I'm in the market for a new digital camera for use mostly on vacation (going to Punta Cana in a few weeks!) and conventions. I don't need anything fancy since I'm not really a photographer, but I want something better than the few point and clicks I've purchased in the past have been. A fast shutter, decent zoom, and ability to take photos in low light preferred. I'm at my wits end since I've been searching reviews on amazon and various sites, but most of the bad reviews I don't understand since it's in "photographer" speak and when I put out that much cash I really don't want to find out I bought another dud. I'm looking to spend preferably under $300, but if there is something that is absolutely amazing I might be able to scrounge up the extra cash. It's just I need it in 2 weeks so not much time for planning or budgeting. My old camera was crap and seems to have finally officially died. I don't even know where to start looking! Please help!

Right now I'm looking at this one:
The reviews seem decent, it does have a learning curve, but I figure once I get used to it that won't be too much of an issue. More importantly it's in my price range. Anyone have experience with it? Or suggestions on something better?
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