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how do you describe 'fast shutter'??, Im gonna assume youre talking about the time between pressing the button and the 'shutter' (since compacts have no actual shutter ) actually releasing. . . in which case thats called Shutter lag. . . and in which case, itll be pretty much the same across the board, assuming the camera is On and focused, shutter lag isnt really an issue

for zoom just realize the more zoom range you get the more the price you pay in image quality, thats physics, no lens is exempt, so keep it to what you need and go from there, most times the little pocket cameras can deliver better image quality than those big superzooms

for low light, thats tough, some do it better than others, and the class leaders in that start at around 400 bucks. . .

if it were ME, around that price id get one of these =1-1 =1-1

both have respectable zoom ranges that are probably most useful for anybody that doesnt need that crazy reach, and both have lenses that let in atleast 3 times as much light as your averave point and shoot at the widest setting, making for cleaner low light shots with a lower ISO setting
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