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That Ezio costume is amazing! xD
How long did that take?
Just...out of curiosity. Ha ha.
OH, and you did Sae from Fatal Frame!
And Wander from Shadow of the Colossus. <33 And Rikku, and Fiona from Haunting Ground, and the Yuna Trainer, and Tidus, Zelda, Matt.../sigh/
You're pretty amazing. Just saying.
Now, regarding props...xD
Approximately how much would this sword be?

Sorry, kind of hard to see. I'll post a few pictures.

I wouldn't need it by any time...I'm planning to work on this cosplay for as long as it takes until it's ready. Ha ha.
Planned Cosplays
Needlewoman- Fatal Frame 3
Wander- Shadow of the Colossus
Skull Kid- Majora's Mask
Iceland- Hetalia
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