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Oh! Thank you so much! I love taking photographs but it's been years since I took classes in it so I really don't remember the terminology at all.

I really like that Nikon one. Is it okay to get the newer model since the one you linked is sold out? They only have it available used... Or is it preferable to try and find that specific model? This question applies to the canon as well.

I would love to get a really nice one and drop $500 on it but that just isn't in my budget right now. Honestly $300 isn't really in my budget either but I want nice pictures on my vacation this year. I didn't even bother posting my pictures from last year they were so bad... I just need one that will take halfway decent photos indoors (such as in a church) with normal lighting. My last camera (a cheap point and click - worst purchase of my life) they all turn out dark even when there is nice lighting. Completely ruined getting pictures of my friends weddings, one of which I myself was in, so it was really depressing and the reason I want to invest in a nicer camera. But there are so many that it was really daunting trying to figure out which ones are good or not.
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