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I just PM'd you :-)

Originally Posted by ohairoku View Post
Hello there My name is Logen, and your gallery impresses me. I'm just looking for a simple costume to be made. My price limit is 200 dollars, but I'm willing to move the limit up a bit within reason.

The characters name is Malzahar, from League of Legends. I'm looking for his shadow prince skin to be made.

It was recently redone by the game artists, so I would like the redone version-

However, the picture doesn't really show you the front design too well, so here's a picture of the old version that boldly shows it. However, try not to go to much to the second picture, as it's not really what I want.

I need the full costume, besides the knife. If small things like the gauntlets and shoes bring the price up past 200, let me know, and I can make my own. I would need the costume by the latest, June 14th.

Please get back to me at your earliest convenience!
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