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Originally Posted by Jantra View Post
I'd like to be able to do more with stretch fabrics provided I have the ability.

The Brother ones you guys are talking about - how much did they run you?
I spent $250 on my Brother 1034D from Amazon about 1.5 years ago. Overall, it's been a great serger to have and I wished I purchased a serger years sooner. It doesn't do everything a 5-thread serger does but it still does a lot. The best part is the color coding makes threading easy. The reviews that I read about it is its a great machine to learn on but if you serge a lot (like professional basis) a more rugged machine would be better.

The only experience with using knits with it was I serged was many, many microfiber diaper inserts. Serging them was really easy. The only issue I had was the layers would shift as a serged so I ended pinning them together but I was doing 3-4 layers at once. (Microfiber is similar in thickness to a towel.) About a year and too many washes to count later, the serging on the inserts has held up well.
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