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Can't I just use my own hair? How do I dye it just for the weekend?

You don't. I'm not saying you can't use your own hair and that you cannot dye it, but you cannot dye it pink for the weekend and have your hair return to your natural color by Monday. Dye doesn't work like that. And the "temporary" dye won't wash out for a month or more. And the hairsrapy Halloween stuff 1) looks terrible 2) is horrible to use 3) does not coat evenly 4) rubs off on your clothes 5) stains your clothes and 6) interferes with your style if you are trying to coat all of your hair.
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I had got my hair spray colored for graduation and it came out in a week without even washing it. I'm sorry I can't remember what brand it was but it was a spray you can get at a bueaty store but i suggest you ask a hairdresser for the best brand. though
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