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My Dad did it for me.
Ha ha.
Our old Xbox (not the slim with the touch-button to power on, just the older one) had gotten the RRoD a few times. I had managed to fix it a few times by replacing the fan and all that jazz. We got a new one just a little while ago, so I got my Dad to take the hard-drive out of the old one and put it in the new one.
Maybe he messed up in the process...I don't know. The old one having the RRoD may have affected what I had for some reason, or maybe my Dad just did it wrong. XD
I'll look online. Maybe I'll find a way to fix it?

Oh, and...
That sucks.
I kind of have a fear of bringing anything really important with me (such as an Xbox Profile...) on a USB, because it's gone wrong enough times while transferring stuff to computers at school. xD
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