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Name of Commissioner CosplaySky

Website/ gallery

Character commissioned and series/video game Anakin Skywalker Robes/belt/pants

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item (pants not in picture)

Timeline 2 weeks to make, 1.5 weeks to get here

Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments:

I just got it today and the pros I have on it are; the fabrics are a great quality! Faux suede, pleather for the belt and cotton for the under shirt. Sewing is perfect, no stray threads or seams coming undone. Fits very well.

Nothing major, I love this costume, just some additional advice they could do for this costume. The 2 shirts the under and the over are both martial arts style shirts, therefore it'd be nice to have some ties on the side so the shirt stays closed so it is easier to get dressed without pinning the tops to keep them from opening also something to pin the mantles to the top so it doesn't shift.
The under shirt is made from some kind of cotton or something, but the fabric is a bit scratchy, so an undershirt would make it feel more comfortable, same with the pants, leggings would be needed. But that's if you get really irritated by that kind of thing. It's noticable that it is scratchy, but I don't think it's horrible, I could go without an undershirt or leggings in it.
Pleather belt was made a bit big, though I think it said somewhere it needs adjustement to your waist, so that's nothing difficult to fix.
UPS shipping sucks :P got $18 in duties.

All in all, I love this costume, great quality for what I paid and cannot wait to wear it at Ottawa's first Comiccon!

Final Grade: B+ (or A-)
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