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Nothing much for me, exams are coming around the corner and this spring term is about end. Soon, I'll be starting the summer term in college in a few weeks. :/

I'll also just got back into playing my old Pokemon Leafgreen game on my GBA (Gameboy Advance SP) btw. But I can't find the fricking charger for the system!
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Kakashi Hatake {100% Completed}
Spain War (Antonio Fernandez Carriedo){100% Completed}
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Soul Eater Evans{99%}
Archer--Fate Stay Night{N/A}
Tier Harribel (Black Cosplay){N/A}
White☆Star--Soul Eater{N/A}
Mako Nagone--Utau{N/A}
Butler Grell{N/A}

Armor King{N/A}

Kensei Mugurama {N/A}
Masked man known only as "V."{N/A}

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