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AM2 Pokemon Gathering 2012

Hi guys! I noticed there was an old thread for 2011 about a gijinka gathering, but nothing for this year so far. So, I'd like to find out if we can organize one! I'm pretty familiar with how gatherings are run, and from the looks of it we could hold it in Hall B or outside the convention hall by the palm trees. (I think this would look nicer in photos, but would be hotter, so it's a tradeoff. I'd appreciate help in that regard, because I've never held gatherings in Anaheim before.) I'd like to know when you guys think it would be a good day to meet up, and a time.

I will be dressed as Misty and will give out actual badges to anyone who defeats me in battle, so bring your DS with you!

The photo categories will be:

* Group Photo
* Group Silly Face Picture
* Humans
* Gijinka
* Anime Characters
* Game Characters
* Manga (if there are any) Characters
* Bad Guys
* Separated Pokemon types if we have that many people or it's requested
* Pokemon generations if we have that many people or it's requested
* Requests
* Fanservice picture :3

It might also be fun if afterward we did a sort of Pokemon Dinner (or Lunch) if we're hungry. I've done that before and it's usually a lot of fun.

Anime Characters:
moonymonster: Misty
David: Ash

fromzombieswithlove: Squirtle, with Blastoise

Manga Characters:

Game Characters:

Bad Guys:

Thanks, guys! Hope to see you there!
Marisa Mockery

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