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729 days until Costume Con 32...

Suddenly out of nowhere, I was ridiculously excited for Costume Con - middle of my shift at work while contemplating packing lists for Animenorth. Could be focusing on that con which is one month to the day but noooo....let's panic because we have only a little more than 700 days to create costumes that don't even exist in the planning stage. Many small pieces of scrap paper DIED today as sacrifices to terrible sketches only to conclude that a)I draw like a three year old who has never held a pen in her life and b)MOAR RUFFLES

How's everyone else's CC32 coping going?
Cosplay Plan of Attack:

Warning! Warning! Incoming Costume Con 32!
Divert all Creative Subroutines for Maximum Awesomeness.

I'm working on them... I swear!
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