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Originally Posted by london2191 View Post
There are also some trust worthy wig sellers off of ebay and possibly some in said searcher's area. You might also want to put that some of the questions are usually directed from newbs and that some of the answers are not complete absolutes.

Can I bleach my hair? (along those lines)

Probably not a good idea as it's practically killing your hair. And if your hair's dark, it'll probably turn orange. Not very attractive.

This is kinda more in depth but along the lines of dying: sharpie dying *when attempted* doesn't work on all wigs. Remember that wigs are made of different fibers and react differently.
It is killing your hair hence it takes so long also you need to leave conditioner in there for like hours afterwards and I mean the heavy duty stuff. Btw you skip that Nasty orange color by using a violet base instead of a blue.
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