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my thoughts on location. . . BOTH locations suck to shoot inside, bad lighting at terrible color temps, though atleast the Grand Hyatt had a some degree of natural light in the daytime. . . but even them nost of the Staff will bitch at you to GTFO from any set shooting activity in anything resembling a secluded area, not to mention the wristband thing denying me access to the upper levels (I stay at home for DFW Cons)

outside and around the Con, the Sheraton does have more in the line of dining options, and scenery is alot more diverse, I mean theres some fun things to shoot in the area if youre willing to walk it, a nice church, general Urban street scenes and some form of greenery here and there. . . the Grand Hyatt had that park [of yellow grass], that [emptied and dry] fountain, that [packed] courtyard area, and thats about it. . .

population wise it was geting tough to get around A-Fest as is, so I think the larger location is gonna help, and A-Kon outgrew that thing long ago, it was to the point where Im almost refusing to walk through those halls with any equipment

in the end, I have my gripes, but I still go, just because I have enough friends to spend time with, and make do with what im given
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