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@MDA: I totally agree with Hee-Hee on that Cady wig, I think that is the closest you will find for Kefka (with the extensions) I had even thought about using that wig for my Kefka, because it is already wefted backwards for me in the front. AND it's lace fronted. 8D

@FinalEvangelion: That's great to see some Cecil progress!! Your really good at that, wonderflex hates me. XD I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes on from there!~

@everyone else: I'm sorry I have not said anything for quite a long time. I've been missing you's. ;A; I have not been working on any Dissidia related cosplays for a while, though I recently started repairing Emperor again. I'm in a little bit of a panic, because I pulled him out the other day and realized that he has a lot more con damage than I thought he did from August... *SCREAMS!* Aaaand now I only have 4 weeks left until the convention I debut him at again. XD (again...) Plus 2 other FF cosplays to finish making and upgrade. Stress is finally sinking in lol.
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