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@Final: I'm planning to mix After Years, Amano, and her original Sprite. Yay mixing! Will be a lot of work, but I have Kefka to make for the same convention, but she'll be less work than him.

@Seifer: I'd reccommend it if you're buying doubles of stuff. I took to doing it when I did my Agito/Akito cosplay from Air Gear (cause I bought three pairs of pants for the character ^^; So I had to start. There was no way I wanted to buy double of stuff for Kuja XD He cost too much as is @_@ I need to get repairing his boots for next month >_< (same convention as Liliana)

@Hee-Hee: I'll have to think about this wig. If I know 100% by September I'll order it so I'll have it for February.

@Lil: I know you can get Emperor fixed in time! You're a go-getter >D
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