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Originally Posted by PrettyHellFire View Post
I have a very similar situation as you! I used to weigh around 120 lbs and ended up weighing 165. I'm only 5'3 so I did look sort of chubby and it was starting to show. I SUCK when it comes to exercise. I was the girl that used to cry at school when the gym teacher made us run. I also have ADHD so when I exercise I get very distracted and all I can ever think about is stopping and doing something else. So to get my exercise in I started taking Zumba classes and I put myself on the Dukan Diet. So far in about six weeks I've lost around 10-12 lbs and I'm hoping to weigh AT LEAST 140 lbs by my convention in June. Especially since right after that I'll be going to the beach for a week!
I hope you don't mean to lose 140 lbs off of a 165 lb body--there'd be nothing left. 0.0
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