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Tumblr Fitblrs?

For those of you who don't what a fitlblr is, it's a Tumblr blog dedicated to healthy weight loss and eating.

Anyone in the cosplay community have one? Mine is totalbodyconfidence where I promote fitness and confidence over thinness. It mainly consists of reblos with personal posts in between.

Terms to Know

.fitspo-short for fitsporation; images of active, strong, and fit women that promote proper exercise and diet. May also include images healthy foods

.thinspo-short for thinspiration; bony, unhealthy pictures used by people suffering from eating disorders to help keep them inspired

.proana, promia- pro anorexic and pro bulimic

(I stay away for those terms on my blog because I don't want to inspire anyone to be unhealthy.)

So any fitblrs on Coscom? Anyone who's going to make one?
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