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Originally Posted by KnightJeran View Post
Holy shamolies! That coat looks amazing! You did a fantastic job at retailoring it! You have the vent and everything. It is a beautiful coat. (super jealous) I love your scarf too, while it's not originally a knit scarf in the show, it's the perfect color (which is actually somewhat difficult to find!) and that is so fantastic that your John knit it for you!! Lovely! (I have fallen in love with your corgi, too! I love dogs!!)

I finally got my Sherlock wig in from Amphigory (really only took 4 days!). I decided to get a #2 Marilyn Monroe wig and I'm going to separate the curls and trim it. It actually isn't too bad and I like how it's not black, but a very deep, super dark brown. I also got a shock blanket, the pink phone case, deerstalker, and the black magnifying glass (which actually was yellow, then sharpied black). Why must his pocket magnifier be $40? T_T I debuted my Sherlock at Starfest in Denver, but it is still a WIP.
Eeee! Thank you! The coat used to be about two sizes too small, but I've since corrected it. I'm glad it looks all right! (Corgis. Are the best. <3)

I'll post my wig here tomorrow evening after class for some input on the bangs. Could I see how you managed yours, Jeran? I got your comment, btw, and it made my flail! You are too kind! My wig is sadly black; I had trouble finding a dark brown that I was pleased enough with. But if yours looks nice, I might have to go with your idea!
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