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Yes, you would need to go through a shopping service.

I have used taobaospree. I am happy with them, but I haven't used anyone else, so I can't give you a comparison. For me, basically the first time I dealt with them, I sent an email to the main coordinator (Susan), and then she referred me to an agent who would help me ask the seller's questions and give me their responses. Then, when I decided on a product that I definitely wanted to purchase, I let my agent know. The agent then does some totals and give you the first bill for the price of the products, the Paypal fee, and the agent fee. When the products arrive at the taobaospree office, they check the items are right and then let you know after they weigh the items for which they will send another bill for shipping.
** The first whatever kg is more expensive for EMS. Beyond that, there is a 40% discount, so if you use EMS, I recommend not just getting one wig.
** There are other shipping options, but I haven't tried them.

This thread has a list of taobao wig stores. It is not exhaustive, but it's a place to start. Be sure to read the thread, because there are comments about the stores listed.

* Another warning: there are some great stores on taobao... and there are also the bad apples that steal pics and whatnot.
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