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@ MDA: I too agree with Hee-Hee, that wig is near perfect for Kefka!! The problem with me when it comes to shopping for cosplay supplies is I always second guess myself. "Do I have the right color? This looks better... *buy* Aww... the color I had looks better than this new one. ". I am just a dork that way. :P

@ Liliana: You are awesome, I know you can finish Emperor in time!!! sorry to hear though that he needed more fixings than you originally remembered. I hate it when that happens.

@ Tifaia: Ha! Yeah, her hair is insane!! I can't say I blame you for not wanting to tackle that task so close to the con. I am just pleased Chun Li is as far along as she is!! I told myself I wanted to have everything done before the con for once, so it might, just might happen!!

@ FinalEvangelion: Aww but your dog is too cute to be Joker evil. As for the Gesso and Bondo, I would just do a few test pieces first and see what happens. I am not sure exactly how Bondo works (I know you told me, but I forgot) but I don't think there will be a problem with the two. Gesso is just for coating canvases to get a sooth surface, so it's like thick paint. As far as weathering goes, usually what I do is get a good solid base coat and dot on darker colors with a "ruined" brush. I say ruined because if you use a nice one, it will be ruined before you are finished weathering. If it's gold armor I usually use two or three different shades to make it look weathered. Silver is a bit harder because you have to mix your own colors with black since there are so few shades/variations of silver. - This is the only example I could find of how I do weathering. It's close, but not exactly the same.

I am glad you liked the fan art, I thought it might be useful. I think any ideas you find you could just apply to the costume. That's basically what I did with all my designs. Awesome find on the Gestahl fanart. Amano art work is pretty open to interpretation. For the bears and mustache, if you can find a costume shop that sells beards (real ones, preferably blonde) then you can dye it and you wouldn't have to worry about making it. I am glad you liked the fabrics too. As I said, there are some neat things hidden on eBay.

I agree that as the next Sakura con rolls up we should post on the forums. I wouldn't want to do that now, it's too early and people might forget. As for the wig stuffis, the hairdryer helps because it sets the wig in place with the heat.

Costume/Dissidia Stuff: The zipper on my Terra dress finally busted. It was a cheapy one anyway, so it was only a matter of time. I think I am going to rip that sucker out and turn the back into a lace up dress. If it's laced I won't have to worry about lame zippers or if I gain/lose weight. Hooray... time to hammer in a ton of grommets! It's good for cosplay and it's a form of anger management right? :P

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