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Acen 2012 Masqerade Winners

BEST MASTERS: The Little, Card Captor Sakura
BEST GROUP: Kneesocks and Scanty from Panty and Stocking
BEST JOURNEYMAN: Yuki Mura Sonata from Singo Ku Bisara
BEST NOVICE: Heihachi from Samurai 7
BEST JUNIOR: Naoko from Arietti
Rachel's JUDGE AWARD: ** (Archer) Final Fantasy 14
Arlette's JUDGE AWARD: **
Jia Jem's JUDGE AWARD: Utako Ohkawa Ascot Dress from Clamp Campus Detective


Feel free to copy/paste onto the ACen forum. Right now it's giving me virus warnings when I try to log in, so I am unable to currently log into the ACen forums.

**I'm sorry, I don't fully remember the other two judges awards as everything was so rushed at the end.

Also, any participant that I judged on Saturday that wants additional feedback, feel free to PM me along with a character reference and a photo of you in the costume, so I can give you a critique. There will be a more formal post on the ACen forums regarding feedback.
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