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Overall Acen was great! huge venue, well run events despite the crowds (outside of canceling the end of the masquerade for some reason...), and fair badge/prop checking. No real rule nazis out there.


The Crystal Ball was a joke. That was less a formal ball and more a mini rave. The music was techno/dubstep/top 40.

I emailed them, "Would school uniforms that have blazers and slacks (Ouran HS, Clannad, Melancholy etc) be acceptable in the ball?"

They responded, "As to your attire question, I do have to inform you that school uniforms are not considered as acceptable formal attire for the dance."

Yet there were loads of school outfits allowed in. That could have been me dammit lol!

They should not charge money for that event, especially if they don't at least cater it.

If Acen organizers want to see how a cosplay ball is done right, they should check out Anime Weekend Atlanta's formal ball.

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