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I'm not sure if they follow the rules since sometimes they put photos were the cosplayer isn't the predominant subject or the subject can't be seen at all (I once saw a photo of a hand. A bare hand o.O), very low quality photos (webcam quality), the same photo is repeated, same cosplayers posted a lot, same photo posted in different volumes of the magazine, closet cosplay (or a photo of make-up and a wig) and such things.

I've also posted my best photos, had a cure cosplay account since 2008 (or was 2009?) with photos on, but no luck. Maybe they choose the photos randomly, I don't know. I've also realized they only put popular things from the moment the magazine volume is going to get published. So, if you are one of those cosplayers who can't make a cosplay when a new series or game is coming out, your chances to get a place in those pages go down.

But the issue that bothers me is another one. They choose only a character for each game/series. Each time I upload my photo of Rose from Legend of Dragoon with her normal clothes (the one I have in the tree), someone uploads an amazing Legend of Dragoon armor cosplay, so their cosplay is logically the chosen one. Some of those published photos in various volumes were the same one, or very similar.

Is this coincidence? I've done all the tricks to upload it: the first one, in the middle, at the last minute changing any other photo I previously uploaded for my Rose one...and looks like someone is always watching and uploading a LoD armor cosplay photo inmediately after me. This has happened to me every time I upload my best photo of Rose, like 3 or 4 times. I would understand it if it's a recent series, but LoD is a 1999 videogame :/ Is really a malevolent feeling present in these actions? Or do the people who choose the photos discard characters they dislike? (It seems that they only like Shana and Meru xD).

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